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Oct 15, 2023 | Product Reviews

Dog trainer

Training your dog can be a rewarding venture when equipped with the right tools. As a dog owner, having the appropriate dog training equipment is imperative to effectively teach new behaviours and commands. Our guide, laden with a selection of professional dog training tools, is crafted to meet the needs of both novice and seasoned dog trainers. Whether you are embarking on basic obedience training or advanced skills, these best dog training products will serve as your companion in nurturing a well-behaved dog.

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Dog Training Equipment List

1. Training Lead

Top Selling

  • Combines a strong connection with an elegant design

  • Includes a padded handle, Ruffwear's unique lockable Crux Clip™ hardware, and a bold design

  • Keeps you comfortably connected to your canine companion


2. Supergrip Leads

Top Selling

Julius K9 Supergrip Lead

  • Designed to be easy to hold and not to become slippery in wet weather conditions

  • The rubber threads woven into its material ensure optimum grip 

  • Available in a range of lengths, with or without handle, and is made from extra strong and durable but comfortable to hold


3. Pet Remedy Boredom Buster Foraging Kit

Top Selling

Pet Remedy Boredom Buster Foraging Kit

  • Fun accessory

  • Durable fabric 

  • Stimulating and enriching


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4. Flirt Pole

Top Selling

Flirt Pole

  • Keeps your dog entertained and active by changing directions and jumping. Great for dog chases and tug-of-war

  • Great interactive outdoor toy that acts as a training tool and provides the physical exercise your dog needs 

  • The wand is extendable and suitable for the majority of dogs. You can play with your dog in the yard, garden, and anywhere else


6. Ruffwear Harness

Top Selling

  • Front Range Harness is a padded everyday dog harness

  • Easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear 

  • Features two leash attachment options


5. Basket Muzzles

Top Selling

Basket Muzzle

  • Allows dogs to pant when hot or stressed and drink

  • Can be heat shaped to fit different dog nose shapes

  • Strong Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR)


7. Frisbee

Top Selling

Frisbee for Dogs

  • This soft lightweight material dog flyer is buoyant and designed for long-distance flight. It floats in water, making it great for playing at the pool or lake

  • The dog flying ring features a non-slip nylon interior with soft rubber edges that are safe on your dog’s teeth

  • The bright color flyer is easily trackable for both you and your pet, no matter where or how far you toss it


8. Kong Double Pack

Top Selling

Kong Double Pack

  • The KONG Classic’s unique natural red rubber formula is ultra-durable with an erratic bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew while also fulfilling a dog’s need to play

  • This toy is recommended worldwide by Veterinarians, Trainers, and dog enthusiasts

  • Perfect for stuffing with KONG treats, it provides an unpredictable bounce for games of fetch


9. Dog Treat Pouch

Top Selling

Treat Pouch

  • This waist-worn treat bag offers hands-free training and quick access to treats

  • The bag features a waterproof liner that keeps greasy or juicy treats contained

  • Designed to conform to the human body, it can attach to an adjustable belt (included) or clip directly to the waist


10. Snuffle Mat

Top Selling

Snuffle Mat

  • Enables your dog to discover concealed treats within the mat, aiding in scent training, energy expenditure, and weight management

  • This intelligent digging and treat-finding toy can be effortlessly laundered in the washing machine using warm water when necessary

  • Boasts a non-slip base cloth that securely anchors the food mat, preventing any unwanted movement by your dog. Its compact design allows it to be rolled up with two elastic bands. Ideal for travelling


11. Lick Mat

Top Selling

Lick Mat

  • Unique, innovative, patent-protected product is designed by vets for dogs and cats. It’s made from human-grade rubber (TPR) and is non-toxic

  • Designed to enrich the treat experience and soothe your pet. It’s a boredom buster, slow feeder, and anxiety reliever

  • Works as a treat dispenser, feeder, slow feeder, raw feeder, meal preparation surface, and training aid


12. Hide and Seek Dog Toys

Top Selling

Hide & Seek Dog Toy

  • Easy way to get your furry friends engaged for hours of fun! Just fill the tree trunk with 3 stuffed squeaky squirrels, toss it, and let your dog’s natural hunting instincts kick in

  • Toss the squirrel-filled trunk, place it on the ground, or take the squeaky plush toys out and launch them for a game of fetch your dog is sure to love

  •  The stuffed plush texture of the Hide A Squirrel dog toy is easy on the teeth making it a great choice for both puppies and adult dogs alike


13. Squeaky Toy

Top Selling

Squeaky Toy

  • Made of high-quality durable plush material, designed to prevent tearing from pet’s bites

  • The tree trunk design is for hiding and seeking play patterns which dogs love very much

  • Festive focus: ideal Halloween or Christmas dog toy


14. Ring Doorbell

Top Selling

Ring Doorbell

  • Offers a robust security solution by providing real-time video surveillance of your entrance, allowing you to monitor and interact with visitors from anywhere using a smart device.

  • With its intuitive app, the Ring Doorbell makes it easy to view live footage, review recorded video, and communicate with visitors, enhancing convenience and control over your home security.

  • Seamlessly integrate the Ring Doorbell with other smart home devices to create a cohesive security ecosystem, ensuring a safer and smarter living environment


15. Tug Toy

Top Selling

  • Pacific Loop is a tool that motivates and rewards canines in training and at work

  • Two grab handles keep hands clear of eager mouths 

  • Built to withstand day-in-day-out use


Professional Dog Training Tools

Investing in professional dog training tools is a pivotal step towards ensuring a well-behaved dog and a fulfilling owner-dog relationship. The dog equipment listed herein promises to significantly ease the training process, making each session more fruitful and enjoyable. Embrace these tools to train dogs effectively, and embark on a rewarding training journey.

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Jim Gillies, a Certified Dog Behaviourist and Trainer in Glasgow with over 10 years of experience, prioritises canine well-being through modern, science-backed methods. Handling 4000+ cases of 1-to-1 behaviour training, Jim is fully accredited, insured, and recognised for addressing various behavioural issues including aggression, separation anxiety, and more. Jim holds qualifications in level 5 (merit) Advanced Diploma Canine Behaviour Management and level 6 Graduate Diploma Applied Animal Behaviour. Explore his insightful blog and podcast, sharing expert knowledge on dog training and behaviour. Certified by the IAABC, Jim’s expertise makes him a reliable choice for addressing your dog’s needs.

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FAQ on The Best Dog Training Products

Q1: What different kinds of tools are there for dog training?

There are numerous tools available to aid in dog training, each serving a unique purpose. Categories include Leads and Harnesses, Engagement Toys, Reward Tools, Calming and Distraction Tools, and Safety Equipment, each catering to different training needs.

Q2: What are some training tools for dogs?

Effective training tools for dogs include the Multi-Clip Training Lead, Supergrip Leads, Flirt Poles, Ruffwear Harnesses, and Kong Double Packs. These tools are integral to providing a comprehensive training experience.

Q3: What are the must-have dog training tools?

The must-have dog training tools include a Good Lead and Harness, Engagement Toys, Reward Tools, Safety Equipment, and Calming Tools. Each plays a critical role in different aspects of training for a positive experience.

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