Client Testimonials

“I contacted Jim for help with our 9 month old Border Collie who flatly refused to walk anywhere near traffic. He didn’t even have to see the traffic, just hearing it was enough to turn him into a quavering wreck.! There was no history of trauma, just an absolute fear of traffic noises. In fact any loud noise. With Jim’s expert guidance, after only 1 session, Archie was running around the park (next to a main road) , quite happily. After session 2, we can now walk him for miles. He’s still wary of the traffic but now has coping mechanisms and doesn’t lie down and refuse to walk. His confidence is growing every day. We are so grateful to Jim for his expert guidance and teaching us how to help Archie. Both Archie and ourselves now enjoy long walks without the worry of causing any anxiety or harm to our lovely dog. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jim to anyone. Archie adored him from our first consultation and it was obvious that Jim had a wonderful rapport with dogs. Even the ones we met on our training walks! Thanks again Jim.”

Catherine Johnston – Archie

“I contacted Jim when my lab mix started to refuse walks through being extremely nervous from loud bangs. The moment Jim walked in the house I knew I’d made the right choice. He was gentle, patient and extremely knowledgeable. Straight away made a connection with her and Lacey adored him, which I’ve read in reviews happens alot; Jim just has a way with these dogs that is remarkable. I took 3 sessions, and an initial consultation, with him and after the first meeting my girl was allowing me to walk her out the door again on her leash. This is something I hadn’t been able to do in months. It was a very fast turn around. He helped me understand why she was doing what she was doing, reassured me that it was nothing I had done and that with the right kind of work and some aid from medication she’d be well on her way to her old self. At the initial consultation, Jim explained she had phobic behaviours and helped give me tools to ease her when she was in that state; one of them being a foraging box which went down a treat.

Well it’s now been a couple of months and following Jim’s plan we are back to walking happily. I have a happier girlie and honestly feel even after all these years I’ve connected even further with her.

I honestly cannot recommend Jim enough. He is fantastic and most importantly, your pooch is in very safe and kind hands with Jim.”

Kerry McFall  – Lacey

“Jim has helped us with our 3 year old Staffy, Luna and we couldn’t recommend him enough. He has a fantastic knowledge about dogs and their behaviours. Jim explained the training methods, which were easy to follow and understand. Luna has come on leaps and bounds.”

Peter McGinness  – Luna

“Jim has been helping me for the last couple of months with Mischa my 5 year old very stressed German shepherd who has been highly strung since a puppy and finds it very hard too relax Jim is so patient and his training methods are finally starting to work, week by week I see more progress and after 2 weeks intensive training in Jim’s home Mischa is able to relax and her behaviour is so much better. Can’t thank Jim enough for the work he has and still is doing with my girl you can see that he loves his job and Mischa loves him would definitely recommend Jim to anyone who need help with their dog .he deserves a medal as my girl is not easy but we love her to bits.”

Lawra Mulholland  – Mischa

“Would totally recommend Jim to anyone with any issues with their dog. We got a rescue dog from abroad and when she came to us she had some behaviour issues which was causing us real concern and stress. Jim was really professional, friendly and was really good with Taylor. We took out a package for three sessions and found it really worthwhile. After the first session we had a full action plan and within days we saw a difference in Taylor’s behaviour. She still has a bit to go but she’s like a different dog now, and fully confident that she will continue to improve, and we will be booking another session soon!”

Zoe Gillespie  – Taylor

“Jim is the kind of behaviourist we need more of – patient, knowledgeable and truly caring about dogs’ welfare. He is experienced working with both rescue and dogs raised from puppies. Glasgow is lucky to have him! I highly recommend his help if you have a behaviour or training issue with your own dog.”

Becca Somerville – Clinical Animal Behaviourist

 “Jim is a highly knowledgeable and experienced Dog Trainer with a real understanding of how to gain the best relationship between dog and owner. I’d highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for training or
behaviour support!”

Jake Flatman – Head Coach Dogs Trust Dog School

“I contacted Jim for our 9-month puppy who was hit by a car when she was 6 months old. Thank goodness she recovered well physically but she understandably became extremely anxious & upset around cars and we’ve struggled to take her out on the lead since. She’d bark incessantly at the cars which was distressing for everyone.

We’ve had to stick to driving her straight to a park as any venture out near the house was upsetting for her & us. Today we completed our third session with Jim & we did a walk around the block, which includes a very busy main road. With Jim’s wonderful guidance, help & training we managed to loop the block without one single bark.

I honestly can’t recommend Jim enough & could have cried with happiness as our wee Ivy walked the block. His methods are all positive reinforcement for the dog, & having studied human psychology myself, all made absolute sense when Jim explained them to me. Such a nice guy & Ivy adored him. Jim, we can’t thank you enough. We’ve got our happy wee dog back”

Becks McCulloch

“Jim came to help us following a vicious attack on Klaus our miniature schnauzer by another dog. His calm and kind approach, coupled with his knowledge and understanding of the situation where Klaus was becoming aggressive with other dogs helped us to realise he was basically very frightened. He taught us techniques to reduce this and helped us find a way to help Klaus.

After only 3 sessions Klaus is much improved and we as a family feel we understand his needs more and are able to recognise when he is becoming scared of a dog-on-dog situation. Jim’s friendly supportive approach helped not only Klaus but our whole family and we are very, very grateful. We would, without hesitation, recommend Jim to anyone who needs help with their dog’s behaviour #bestdogbehaviourist”

Jacqueline Wilson

“We got in touch with Jim as we were first-time puppy owners to Brodie our beautiful black Labrador. Although we had done loads of research and watched a million YouTube videos we quickly learnt that nothing can quite prepare you for your first puppy experience! Jim has been an absolute godsend and our little Brodie completely adores him (maybe more than us!). He has an unbelievable amount of knowledge about dogs, their behaviours and training methods and gives you the confidence to put these into practice.

I honestly can’t recommend Jim enough whether you are having issues or just want to learn good, solid training techniques to ensure your dog is living his best life! Although we have done our initial three training sessions, I know I will be reaching out to Jim in the future for some follow-up sessions, thanks Jim for everything you have taught us so far!”

Fiona Maclean

“Jim’s input with our dog had a very positive impact almost from the outset of training. Putting her behaviour in context and giving us the tools to deal with it in a very positive way for her (and us) has helped us all greatly. Jim has a calm and friendly manner and his knowledge and understanding of dogs is very clear as well as his obvious affection for them, which is completely reciprocated by our girl. He also put us completely at ease through the training process, no mean feat when you think you are getting it wrong with your dog. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone experiencing problems with their dog.

Helen & Richard Jeffrey and of course Mila the Podenco”

Anne Hart

Jim was great at helping us with our rescue dog Coco. Coco has learned to be so much more patient, and walking him is so much more pleasant now. Jim was always very understanding of Coco’s behavioural issues and gave us all a lot more confidence in caring for him. Completely different to other places we had tried which told us to be forceful with our nervous wee dog. Thanks for all your help!

Julia Swann

Jim is a great trainer he doesn’t just train the dogs but encourages you and gives you confidence and when you’re confident you’re dog is happy in three sessions what a difference in my dog I would highly recommend him my dog just loves him thanks Jim from me and faith and we wish you all the best.

Elizabeth Mclaughlin

“I first contacted Jim as I was struggling to walk my dog without her pulling me down the street behind her! After an initial consultation and only 2 sessions with Jim the difference in Poppy is incredible. I am now able to walk Poppy on the lead with ease which is something I never imagined would be possible. Jim has taught me so much about Poppy’s behaviour and has shown us a lot of different tactics to keep her more engaged when out. She also seems to be a lot calmer in generally now after practicing different games Jim has suggested while at the park.

I really couldn’t recommend Jim enough, from the initial consultation he was great with Poppy and the knowledge he shared with us has been invaluable.

Thanks a lot Jim.”

Jen Weir  – Poppy

“My cocker spaniel Lana is now 18 months and between 4 and 14 months we had 3 sets of sessions with Jim to cover basic training / reinforce recall with distractions and teaching her to swim. I cannot recommend Jim highly enough. He is a fabulously knowledgable behaviourist who gives you confidence and info to train your dog. Lana absolutely adored him and after each session we knew exactly what to work on. I learned so much but especially the benefits of positive reinforcement and how much you get back if you put the effort in. I’m now able to take my still excitable spaniel anywhere with confidence. All down to Jim at CBT.”

Lesley Thomson  – Lana

“Cool, calm and collected….that was Jim (not me) . I’m having problems with 2 of my dogs who are having a phantom pregnancy. This raises their aggression and it’s been tough at times. Jim came in to help with some great techniques and lots of reassurance! The dogs loved him and only a phone call away to get guidance.

Highly recommend Jim because his methods are not only kind, they are FUN too.”

Elaine Hegarty 

“Jim is a fantastic trainer, and my little puppy has come on a treat! Thanks to Jim and his amazing knowledge about dogs. My little puppy just loves when he comes. I would highly recommend if you want a well-behaved, well-rounded, relaxed, and obedient dog.”

Micheáilín Berry Doherty  – Toby

“Jim has been a God send in helping us with Alfie our lab/retriever, Alfie is from working dogs and very active, he can now walk loose lead is taking commands to wait sit and his recall is definitely improved, still a bit of work to do with socialising to be done in the new year, I would recommend Jim’s training sessions for anyone who has a dog with any of the above issues, thanks Jim see you in the new year.”

Kate Allardice  – Alfie

“Jim is amazing. The difference in our dog after 3 sessions with him is night and day.
In addition to his enthusiasm and practical abilities with dogs, he has in in-depth academic understanding of canine behaviour and motivations coupled with the communication skills to let you grasp them. Jim is amiable, easy to talk to and very accommodating of your schedule and needs. We simply cannot recommend him highly enough. We were at a crisis-point with our dog when we contacted Jim and in fact were doubting whether we could keep him, but thanks to the techniques and insight he has given us that’s no longer an issue. We’re delighted with the service.”

Grant Howard  – Barney

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Jim at the Dogs Trust for a number of years, he has fantastic knowledge and is passionate and skilled in supporting dogs and their owners – would absolutely
recommend his services.”

Sezan Öz – Clinical Animal Behaviourist

“Jim is dedicated to providing the best welfare-based behaviour and training for both dog and owner, in a safe and encouraging manner. He is passionate about his work and I wouldn’t hesitate for one second to recommend him!”

Katie Scott-Dyer – Clinical Animal Behaviourist

“We have a 2-year-old cockapoo who started to get troubled by people coming to the house, in particular the postman. We had tried some things ourselves unsuccessfully and had been referred to someone by the vet after he tried to chase the postman while out on a walk. We didn’t take to the person and one day I met Jim in the park helping someone else. I took to Jim immediately and liked his methods. My dog was very responsive to him too so we got Jim to the house to help with easing the dog’s anxiety. We are so glad we did as he not only made us feel better by saying this is a common behaviour but by constantly reassuring us and giving us the confidence to help our dog. His methods are exactly the way we would want our dog to be trained and our dog just loves him. He fit in with us and we felt we had his support whenever we needed it. We would highly recommend him and not hesitate to get him back if we needed him.”

Ally Carr

“Cannot recommend enough! Our Border Collie is a very nervous and anxious little dog. We rescued him at only 12 weeks and he already had some issues, as Olly was growing older he became even more anxious. We decided to contact Jim about our problems to get a little help with some training. We have had a good few sessions and what a difference in Olly, he is much more confident & less anxious in certain situations. Olly is able to do things he would never have been able to do when he was a pup.

My family have learned so much from the training sessions and now knows better how to handle Olly in certain situations. Jim is a very pleasant and helpful person, he has been so patient with us and Olly especially. Cannot recommend Jim enough! Best thing we have done and Olly has made a new friend”

Roisin Sweeney

“After having our dog for over 4 years he started to show signs of aggression especially whenever anyone came near the front door or towards the back garden. The barking was becoming unbearable and also encouraged our female dog to join in adding further to our stress and anxiety. Jim’s technique showed us that our dog was scared and that we had to change how we dealt with his fear rather than expecting our dog to be quiet on cue. Reward training has definitely made a difference in the few weeks we have been practicing it and the barking is less aggressive and shorter in length. It was worthwhile getting Jim’s help.”

Liane McElroy

“I’ve been working with Jim and my 2 dogs Nala & Tigerlily for a number of weeks and already the difference in their behaviour and wellbeing is significant.

After a difficult journey relocating to Glasgow from Thailand and a very tumultuous year previously, both dogs were struggling to acclimate and settle. They were very anxious & distressed.

After an initial consultation, Jim proposed a comprehensive training plan for us to follow and supported me in developing my understanding and skills working with them. The difference is remarkable and we are all finally settling in and enjoying Glasgow life.

Both dogs totally warmed to Jim instantly and they really enjoy themselves when he works with them – such a delight for me to see!

I cannot recommend Jim from CBT Dog Training & Behaviour enough.”

Paula Shields

“I contacted Jim after moving house and my 6 year old rescue dog Bentley refused to walk due to fear of pretty much everything. He would also bark, growl and lunge at any dog who came near him, especially when on a lead. We had three sessions with Jim and I can honestly say it’s been life changing. Bentley goes out without any problems and will walk calmly past other dogs, even in close proximity. The strategies Jim has taught us to use continue to be effective and I have a much calmer happier dog. In addition, I feel much more able to read bentleys cues and behaviours through the support and resources that Jim has provided.

Jim is probably the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever met and his kindness and patience when working Bentley was outstanding.”

Sharon Macfarlane

In just three sessions with Jim, the difference in our dog, Riley is amazing – Jim patiently talked us through the thought and behaviour processes that drive Riley’s actions and educated us in how to respond and capitalise in these actions so we can make our wee dog as happy and obedient as we need! Next stop, Crufts…..(ok, maybe not!)

Thank you so much Jim!!!

Gary White