Ruffwear Harness: Combining Durability and Comfort for Everyday Journeys

Jan 18, 2024 | Product Reviews

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  • Ruffwear Harness: Combining Durability and Comfort for Everyday Journeys
Dog wearing a Ruffwear Harness

Seeking a harness that combines comfort and durability for your dog’s daily walks? The Ruffwear harness might just be what you need. This guide delves into its comfortable fit, robust construction, and efficient leash attachments that cater to both casual strolls and energetic treks. We’ll also highlight how to achieve the perfect fit for your dog and share insights from owners who have put this harness to the test.

Key Takeaways

  • Ruffwear Harnesses are designed for both comfort and convenience, featuring padded material for daily comfort, two leash attachment points for better control, an ID pocket for silent tag storage, and reflective trim for visibility in low light conditions.
  • The harnesses offer a tailored fit, with adjustable straps and a size chart to ensure proper sizing, helping to prevent issues such as chafing, discomfort, or safety concerns, and providing a secure fit that can adapt as a dog grows or changes in size.
  • Constructed with high-quality materials, such as polyester knit mesh webbing and a reinforced webbing loop, Ruffwear Harnesses are built for durability and can withstand outdoor activities. They also feature stylish design options to suit any dog’s personality.

Top Selling

  • Front Range Harness is a padded everyday dog harness

  • Easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear 

  • Features two leash attachment options


Dog wearing a Ruffwear Harness

The Ruffwear Harness Advantage

With Ruffwear, harnessing your dog is no longer a struggle. Walks with your dog are made much easier with these top quality harnesses. The front range dog harness, also known as the Ruffwear front range harness or the front range harness dog harness, is designed with:

  • Padded material to ensure dogs feel comfortable wearing it every day
  • Easy to put on, making it hassle-free for pet owners
  • Two leash attachment points: an aluminum V ring centred on the dog’s back for everyday walks, and reinforced webbing at the dog’s chest for training or additional control.

Additionally, the ID pocket keeps dog tags quiet and easily accessible, ensuring peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.

The Pinnacle of Padding: Closed Cell Foam Lining

One of the distinctive features of the Ruffwear Harness is its closed cell foam lining. This material is well-known for its water-repellent nature and ability to provide insulation and cushioning while maintaining a lightweight design.

Closed cell foam padding offers continuous support, aiding in the prevention of conditions such as hygroma, callouses, and chafing. Compared to some other materials used in dog harnesses, this padding solution is advantageous as it helps reduce chafing and offers better water resistance.

This type of padding turns the padded everyday dog harness from just another accessory into a comfortable and durable tool that enhances your dog’s walking experience.

Ruffwear logo

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Secure Attachments: Aluminum V Ring and Front Clip Webbing

Another standout feature of the Ruffwear Harness is the secure attachment options it provides. The aluminum V ring, centered on the back, and the reinforced webbing loop at the chest offer two leash attachment options, ensuring a secure and versatile attachment. These features provide controlled handling and redirecting for dogs that pull, giving you confidence and peace of mind during your walks.

The polyester front leash attachment improves the control of a dog on a leash by redirecting the pulling force towards the side when attached to the front, making it easier to manage the dog’s movements during walks.

Ruffwear Harness Tailored Fit for Every Canine: Sizing and Adjustment

Ruffwear Harness size guide

When selecting a harness, it’s vital to ensure the perfect fit for your dog. A harness that’s too tight or too loose can cause discomfort and could even be a safety concern. Ruffwear Harnesses offer a tailored fit, with adjustable straps, to ensure the ultimate comfort for your dog.

Whether you’re taking your dog for a casual walk in the park or heading out for an adventurous hike, having a well-fitted dog harness can make all the difference.

Measure Up: Find the Appropriate Size

Measuring the girth size your dog correctly is the first step towards a well-fitted harness. To determine the appropriate size of a Ruffwear harness, use a measuring tape to wrap it around the widest part of your dog’s chest, just behind the front legs. This measurement, known as the girth, is the essential factor in choosing the correct harness size.

The Ruffwear size sizing chart that can then be used to compare your dog’s girth measurement with the provided size ranges, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Making Adjustments: Achieving the Optimal Fit

After selecting the appropriate size, the next step is to ensure the perfect harness fit. The Ruffwear Harness comes with adjustable straps that allow you to achieve an optimal fit for your dog. To do this, loosen all the straps of the Ruffwear Harness, place the harness on your dog and then tighten the straps.

The harness should be snug but not overly tight, leaving enough room to fit one to two fingers between the harness and your dog. It’s also advisable to watch your dog walk with the harness on and make any necessary adjustments to fine-tune the fit.

When to Upsize: Signs You Need a Larger Size

You might need to upsize the harness as your dog grows or gains weight. Some signs that your harness may be too snug include chafing under the armpits or around the dog’s chest area, loss of fur/hair around the harness area, and the chest strap becoming loose during walks.

It’s also important to remember that the harness should remain in place without rotating or moving around. If you notice any of these signs, it might be time to consider a larger size to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

Designed for Durability: High-Quality Materials and Construction

Ruffwear Harnesses are designed to last, providing not just comfort and fit but durability as well. Built with high-quality materials and a robust construction, these harnesses are engineered to withstand the rigors of regular use.

You can rely on good quality of the Ruffwear Harness to stand up to the test, whether you’re taking your dog for a leisurely stroll or embarking on an outdoor adventure.

Engineered for the Outdoors: Polyester Knit Mesh Webbing

Mesh and other walking accessories

Its polyester knit mesh webbing enhances the durability of the Ruffwear Harness. This material is not only comfortable and breathable but also boasts excellent strength and water-repelling properties.

The polyester knit mesh webbing ensures that your dog’s harness remains comfortable and secure, whether you’re out in the rain or splashing in the waves.

Reinforcement Where It Counts: Reinforced Webbing Loop

Another key feature that boosts the durability of Ruffwear Harnesses is the reinforced webbing loop. This robust attachment point greatly improves the harness’s resistance to pulling and tension, thereby bolstering its overall longevity.

The reinforced webbing loop ensures that the harness can handle anything, whether your dog is a strong puller or an enthusiastic pup.

Metal Over Plastic: Why the Aluminum V Ring Centered Makes a Difference

The aluminum V ring centered on the back of the Ruffwear Harness is more than just a design feature; it’s a testament to the harness’s quality and durability. Offering a secure leash attachment point, the aluminum V ring provides a blend of lightness, flexibility, and outstanding strength.

You can trust the Ruffwear Harness to provide reliable support, whether you’re walking in the park or hiking in the mountains.

Convenience Features: ID Pocket and More

Ruffwear Harnesses also come equipped with a range of convenience features designed to enhance your walking experience. These features include:

  • Silent ID pocket that keeps dog tags quiet and easily accessible
  • Light loop for attaching a safety light
  • Gear attachment options for carrying small items

Every aspect of the Ruffwear Everyday Harness features has been designed with your convenience in mind..

Ruffwear Harness: How to Fit & Adjust

Dog being fitted with a ruffwear harness
  • Initial Sizing: Select the appropriate size based on your dog’s girth measurement. Ensure the harness corresponds closely to your dog’s size for optimal comfort and safety.
  • Loosen Straps: Before fitting, fully extend the straps. This ensures ease of putting the harness on your dog and allows for precise adjustments.
  • Positioning the Harness: Slip the harness over your dog’s head, ensuring the harness’s back piece sits comfortably along the spine. Guide your dog’s front legs through the designated openings.
  • Securing the Straps: Fasten the buckles around your dog’s body. These should click securely, ensuring the harness is safely attached.
  • Adjustment for Comfort: Adjust the straps for a snug fit. You should be able to slip two fingers under any strap. This ensures the harness is tight enough to be secure, yet loose enough to avoid discomfort or chafing.
  • Alignment Check: Ensure the harness sits evenly on both sides of your dog’s body. The straps should not twist or constrict your dog’s movement in any way.
  • Movement Test: Allow your dog to walk, run, and lie down with the harness on to observe any signs of discomfort or restriction. Observe if the harness stays in place or shifts, adjusting as necessary.
  • Regular Checks and Adjustments: Regularly inspect the fit of the harness, especially if your dog is still growing or has changes in weight. Adjust as necessary to maintain a safe, comfortable fit.

Top Selling

  • Front Range Harness is a padded everyday dog harness

  • Easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear 

  • Features two leash attachment options


Style Meets Function: Color Options and Design

Ruffwear Harnesses are more than just functional; they’re also stylish. With a wide range of color options and design features, you can choose a harness that not only meets your dog’s needs but also complements their personality and style.

There’s a Ruffwear Harness to suit your taste, whether you prefer vibrant hues or classic tones.

Key features

From Vibrant to Classic: Choosing Your Dog’s Look

Choosing the right color for your dog’s harness can be a fun and personal experience. With a range of colors from vibrant to classic, you can select a hue that reflects your dog’s character or complements their coat. You can find a color that suits their personality and fits perfectly together, whether you have a lively, energetic pup or a calm, reserved dog.

Not Just a Pretty Accessory: Design That Supports Daily Activities

The design of Ruffwear Harnesses goes beyond aesthetics. Each harness is designed to support your dog’s daily activities, from casual walks to energetic play sessions. With features like adjustable straps for a customized fit and foam padding for prolonged comfort, Ruffwear Harnesses are not just pretty accessories; they’re functional tools that enhance your dog’s daily life.

Customer Testimonials: Real Experiences with Ruffwear Harnesses

Hear it from the real users, don’t just take our word for it! Ruffwear Harnesses have received numerous positive testimonials from satisfied dog owners. Here are some of the things they have said:

  • “The exceptional quality and durability of Ruffwear Harnesses is unmatched.”
  • “The user-friendly design makes it easy to put on and take off.”
  • “My dog loves wearing the Ruffwear Harness and it provides great comfort and support.”

These testimonials validate the superior performance of Ruffwear Harnesses.

Everyday Companions: Stories from Daily Walks

Among the numerous testimonials, many dog owners share delightful stories of how Ruffwear Harnesses have become an integral part of their daily walks. For instance, Kerry, a dog owner, has shared her positive experience of using Ruffwear Front Range padded dog harnesses for daily walks with her three dogs. These stories not only testify to the quality of Ruffwear Harnesses but also highlight their role in making daily walks a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for both dogs and their owners.

On the Road: Securing Canines for Travel

Ruffwear Harnesses are also highly praised for their performance during travels. The secure fit and robust construction of these harnesses make them ideal for keeping dogs safe during car rides.

During road trips, dog owners have shared their experiences of how Ruffwear Harnesses provide comfort for their furry friends and offer them peace of mind.

Ruffwear Harness Summary

To sum up, Ruffwear Harnesses offer a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style, making them an excellent choice for daily walks and outdoor adventures. They feature a full range of innovative design elements, from closed cell foam padding and secure leash attachments to reflective trims for improved visibility.

Moreover, they offer a tailored fit with adjustable straps and come in a variety of colours to suit your dog’s personality. But don’t just take our word for it; the numerous positive testimonials from satisfied dog owners speak volumes about the superior performance of Ruffwear Harnesses.

Top Selling

  • Front Range Harness is a padded everyday dog harness

  • Easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear 

  • Features two leash attachment options


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Please note that I am an affiliate for Ruffwear. This means I may earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase through the links provided in this article, at no additional cost to you.

Please be assured that I only recommend products that I genuinely believe in and feel would be beneficial for your dog. My affiliation with Ruffwear does not influence the content and insights I provide in this article, and my priority is always to offer accurate and valuable information to help enhance your and your dog’s experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ruffwear the best harness?

Yes, Ruffwear harnesses are considered to be the best due to their high-quality construction, comfortable padding, and ease of use.

Do Ruffwear harnesses stop pulling?

Yes, Ruffwear harnesses, such as the Front Range Harness, feature a chest attachment point designed to resist pulling and offer additional control. This helps to prevent excessive pulling during walks.

Do vets recommend harnesses?

Yes, vets do recommend harnesses because they impose less pull on a pet’s neck and spread the weight across the chest and shoulders, making them ideal for dogs who tend to escape.

Is Ruffwear made in China?

No, Ruffwear products are primarily manufactured in Vietnam and Taiwan, with some products made in China.

What are the best dog harnesses UK?

Here are some of the best dog harnesses in the UK: Puppia Soft, Hugo & Hudson, Doodlebone, Halti, Woof Inc, Top Dog, Julibees, and Kurgo RSG Dog Townie. Consider their features and styles to find the best fit for your dog.

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